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Junior Information Analyst

Código   15955689
Fecha   19-10-2016
Empresa   Confidencial  ()
Actividad   Business Intelligence, Database Administration, Reporting Development and Client Services Provider
Referencia   0007
Area principal  

Informática, Sistemas, Internet

Otras áreas   Ingeniería Sistemas, Servicio/Soporte Técnico, Telecomunicaciones, Telemarketing, Help Desk

Santo Domingo


República Dominicana

Descripción   The Junior Information Analyst is responsible of transforming data from different sources to upload it to the enterprise database servers, to generate reports, statistics, and analysis useful for the decision makers of the company, such as upper management and board members.
Is also responsible of deliver Production departments performance indicators reports that will help to drive the company s productivity, and provide information that satisfy Quality department needs.
The Junior Information Analyst, is the step before the Information Analyst, whose career path follows the Business Intelligence career, promoted in the Enterprise. The idea is to start as a Junior, then surpass these stages and become a Business Intelligence Analyst.
Requisitos   + Wide knowledge of SQL Server databases. At least 1 year of experience designing, planning and/or deploying databases in Microsoft SQL Server
+ Wide knowledge of Information Technology areas
+ Advanced Level knowledge in Microsoft Office programs, especially in Microsoft Excel
+ At least 1 year of experience working with Statistics and/or Performance Indicators
+ Experience working with data/information requests
The following optional capabilities will add to the profile, although not indispensable:
+ Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
+ Visual Studio development: - Visual C# / Visual Basic .Net - ASP. NET - HTML CSS and Javascript Plugin implementation
+ ETL, Data mining
+ Data Warehouse
+ Business Intelligence
Profile Qualities (Strictly Necessary):
+ Analytical thinking
+ Logical analysis
+ Ability to work under pressure
+ Results oriented
+ Problem Resolution oriented
+ Sense of urgency
+ Team player
+ Discretion and Confidentiality
+ Responsible
+ Fast learner
+ High End Customer Service / Client Oriented
+ Oriented at all times to protect the company s interests
Indispensable     Nivel académico de Bachillerato
  Inglés: lee y conversa con cierta fluidez
  Palabra/s clave: SQL, Excel (todas)
  Requiere residencia actual en República Dominicana
  Currículum con foto
  Responder, en el formulario de envío de CV, las siguientes 7 preguntas:
    •  1   ¿Have you ever worked in the development of a web application or data input form?
    •  2   ¿Have you ever worked designing, planning or deploying a database or data warehouse?
    •  3   ¿Are you able to work with schedule flexibility (able to do Overtime)?
    •  4   ¿How would you rate your Microsoft Excel Skills from 1 to 10 (higher better)?
    •  5   ¿Are you capable of using the Microsoft Excel formulas VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH?
    •  6   ¿Are you capable of using Microsoft Excel pivot tables with calculated fields?
    •  7   ¿Have you ever worked building SQL Server SELECT queries?
Preferible     Mujer
ISCO   Técnicos y profesionales nivel medio, grupo 3
Condiciones laborales
Contrato   Indefinido / Fijo
Jornada   Completa
Horario   Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Salario   35,000+
Beneficios   Performance Bonus 10% of Base Monthly Salary
Food Incentive Bonus 1000 (Monthly)
Microsoft Business Intelligence Certification Exams paid by the enterprise.
Comentarios   The idea is to start as a Junior, then surpass this stage and become a Business Intelligence Analyst.
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